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Some links to make birding on the web more enjoyable.


Birding on the Net
The American Ornithologist Union
Tropical Audubon website in Miami
Surfbirds an excellent site with a large photo gallery of rarities
Tina MacDonalds site, lots of infomation here
Floridaís Breeding Bird Atlas
BirdLife International
The Purple Martin
Melody Kehlís Birding Aventures, excellent guide in Arizonia
Birdzilla a large birding site
American Birding Association
Birdnet the Ornithological information source
Dry Tortugas National Park
Everglades National Park
A great site for Hummingbirds
ALAMO INN Located in Alamo Texas in the Rio Grande Valley an excellent Bed& Breakfast that caters to birders.
Wildbirds includes information on identifying birds, attracting birds and protecting birds, as well as finding birds in each state and state bird checklists. Articles on selecting binoculars and wild bird photography make this a very informative site for visitors.

ThayerBirding  is the home of Thayer Birding Software, the #1 birding software.
Our software titles include CD-ROMs for every state, province and region in North America.
Our newly released version is now Vista compatible. A Mac version is coming soon.



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