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these are some of the most sought after birds, many of which we commonly see.

  • (YR)- year round resident
  • (SR)- summer resident
  • (WR)- winter resident
  • (V)- vagrant
  • Audubonís Shearwater    (SR) Dry Tortugas
  • Wilsonís Storm-petrel    (SR) Dry Tortugas
  • White-tailed Tropicbird    (SR) Dry Tortugas
  • Masked Booby    (YR) Dry Tortugas
  • Brown Booby    (YR) Dry Tortugas
  • Red-footed Booby    (SR) Dry Tortugas rare
  • Northern Gannet   (WR)
  • Anhinga    (YR)
  • Magnificent Frigatebird    (YR)
  • Wood Stork   (YR)
  • American Flamingo    (WR)
  • Fulvous Whistling-duck   (YR)
  • Black-bellied Whistling-Duck  (YR)
  • White-cheeked Pintail   (V)
  • Swallow-tailed Kite    (mainly SR)
  • Snail Kite    (YR)
  • Short-tailed Hawk    (YR)
  • Crested Caracara   (YR)
  • Purple Gallinule    (YR)
  • Purple Swamphen  (YR)
  • Limpkin    (YR)
  • Pomarine Jaeger    (YR) Dry Tortugas
  • Sooty Tern    (SR) Dry Tortugas
  • Brown Noody    (mainly SR) Dry Tortugas
  • Black Noody   (SR) Dry Tortugas
  • White-crowned Pigeon    (YR)
  • Zenaida Dove    (V)
  • Key West Quail Dove    (V)
  • Ruddy Quail Dove    (V)
  • Eurasian Collared Dove    (YR)
  • Monk Parakeet    (YR)
  • White-winged Parakeet    (YR)
  • Yellow-chevroned parakeet    (YR)
  • Nanday Parakeet  (YR)
  • Mangrove Cuckoo    (mainly sr)
  • Smooth-billed Ani    (YR)
  • Burrowing Owl    (YR)
  • Short-eared Owl West Indian Race    (V)  Dry Tortugas
  • Antillean Nighthawk    (SR)
  • Bahama Woodstar Hummingbird   (V)
  • Red-cockaded Woodpecker    (YR)
  • Cuban Pewee    (V)
  • La Sagraís Flycatcher    (V)
  • Gray Kingbird    (SR)
  • Loggerhead Kingbird    (V)
  • Bahama Swallow   (V)
  • Cave Swallow  West Indian race   (SR)
  • Florida Scrub-jay    (YR)
  • Red-whiskered Bulbul    (YR)
  • Bahama Mockingbird    (V)
  • Common Hill Myna   (YR)
  • Common Myna   (YR)
  • Thick-billed Vireo    (V)
  • Black-whiskered Vireo    (SR)
  • Yellow Warbler  Cuban race   (YR)
  • Bananaquit    (V)
  • Western Spindalis    (V)
  • Painted Bunting    (WR)
  • Yellow-faced Grassquit    (V)
  • Black-faced Grassquit    (V)
  • Bachmanís Sparrow    (YR)
  • Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow    (YR)
  • Shiny Cowbird    (YR)
  • Spot-breasted Oriole    (YR)
  • Scaly-breasted Munia  (YR)

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